Brand + Web Design for Flower Disco

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Flower Disco is an incredibly talented and unique wedding florist based in Denver, Colorado. Call them creative connoisseurs of floristry, styling, and set design - they make sure your dreams are met, and your expectations are well beyond exceeded.

Steph, owner, wanted a new luxury yet bold approach to this new chapter in their business. We created a full brand rebrand from, logo design to custom site build out. Drenched in florals and chrome, we are thrilled to share this project with the world. 

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Brand Visuals and Strategy for Carli Anna

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Carli Anna is a designer turned business coach - leading hundreds of creatives and graphic designers in scaling their businesses. The AMARA team organized and created her brand basics, then constructed the strategic brand visuals to match.
Photographed by Eden.

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Video + Photo for Francos Restaurant

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Francos is a local family owned restaurant with endless heart, we wanted them to have the visuals to match it. 

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Video + Photo for Le Sel

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LE SEL is a contemporary jewelry label from San Francisco, founded by Yuxuan Li in 2020. By exploring different bodies of water worldwide, experiencing tingly differences in sound, shape, color, texture, temperature, and volume, Yuxuan has been working with the idea that the water decorating Mother Earth can also be a natural decoration for human bodies.

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